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Trump’s Anti-Farewell Speeches

An almost 100% majority on earth is overjoyed that it’s over. “You’re history” many placards laconically stated. Well, – or rather not so well – some people might have crowed too soon.

First Trump’s last words to a tiny group of clockwork toys when leaving the White House; then his video message: Trump at his narcissistic best. That’s what he is really good at. After all, there is always one thing everybody is good at. History definitely is not. After the most glorious presidency in American history what needs to be done now, according to Trump, is to prevent (implicitly he means: Democrats from introducing) censorship, blacklisting and political trials, something America has never seen before. “It’s not even thinkable.” Really? It seems someone was dreaming about real estate during history lessons. Never heard about the McCarthy Era? Okay, Trump may not be the only one who hasn’t. He is not alone regarding historical ignorance. Even in many American history books you won’t find the term, and I have met quite a few Americans to who I had to explain who McCarthy was. What happened to Charley Chaplin and many, many others. Or, even worse, to Sacco and Vanzetti. So maybe we should not blame Trump too much in this respect.

Maybe not even regarding another aspect. The only thing that Trump perceives consciously is his image in the mirror which tells him that he, personally, and evidently all on his own, he, Trump, Donald Trump, he, the greatest of all stone heads against whom even those in Mount Rushmore resemble Lilliputian dwarfs – HE, he tells us, has restored respect for America all over the world. That the opposite is true – even the most conceited person you might ever have met in your lifetime, would have second thoughts reading about all those surveys and commentaries the world over. But Trump is an absolutely unique human mutation regarding intellectual capacity, self-adulation and perceptive abilities. Every single analytical function is turned off instantly and automatically, as soon as the words “I”, “Donald” or “Trump” turn up. In addition, somewhere in his frontal lobe there is a filter that sifts out everything that is not in accordance with the image in his mirror.

Like, for instance, the accusation of further having divided the country. What? Trump? What has Trump got to do with that? He, who never cared “about left or right”! Whose “agenda wasn’t about Republican or Democrat”! As if Trump had ever said anything negative about Democrats. That they are leftist scum, a havoc-wreaking party and a bunch of extremeleftistsocialistcommunistmarxist terrorists – that is a simple truth, isn’t it?

Like, for instance, that Barack Obama is no American, that the Ku Klux Klan consists of decent people, and that, believe it or rather not, that America has never been as save and prosperous like under Donald Super-Trump. Black Lives Matter? Greatest economic inequality ever, rising share of upper 10 % vs. increasing percentage of people at or below the poverty line? Fake News!

Like the vaccines. “Another administration would have taken 3, 4, 5, maybe even up to 10 years to develop a vaccine. We did in nine months.“ Sure: we. HIS administration. What do scientists have to do with it? Or some Turkish Germans? Fake News. All sifted out.

No, we really should be more thankful. After all, all those four years, month by month, minute by minute, untiringly HE didn’t spend time on golf courses but worked his butt off, poor guy: “I did not seek the easiest course; by far, it was actually the most difficult”. Yes, he served all the “noble everyday citizens” instead of “special interests and corporations.” Which is most convincingly proved by his tax cuts, 80 % of which landed in the pockets of the American upper class – everyday citizens, sure enough.

And as to safety: that a few representatives had to flee from a violent mob is solely due to them being the “establishment” (in his mirror he is the poor maverick who fought his way up against all odds), and the fact that they refused to steal the election for him.

But wait a minute. Something suddenly popped up in connection with violence and the Capitol. “Political violence is an attack on everything we cherish as Americans. It can never be tolerated.” Wow! It was time someone told us. Especially the rest of the world. USA and violence. How can anybody come up with the idea of intertwining these words?

Trump is generous, as we all know. So he wishes the new administration – Biden himself is not mentioned once; who is he anyway – success and good luck in keeping all those fantastic achievements of his most successful of all the greatest administrations of the greatest nation on earth. And he emphatically adds: “Luck. A very important word”. This impudent condescension aside, perhaps he wanted to remind everybody of another of his infamous remarks, when a few weeks ago he said that after three weeks after his election Biden would be shot and the most radical of all communists, Kamala Harris, would be president. Some claim that all Trump wanted to say was that Biden would be mentally exhausted by then. But, come on, does anyone truly believe that the double meaning in this statement was unintended? Considering Trump’s character? He meant what he said. Like in Washington. His followers in the extremist militias will surely have understood. Biden will need better protection than the Capitol. So does Harris.

The saddest thing about those two speeches: it would have been nice, had they really been farewell speeches. Unfortunately they were threats. Trump has made unequivocally clear that his movement has just started, that this is just the beginning. And that he will come back! Oh, my God, what an apocalyptic vision. The one in the Bible is a picnic compared to it. No, Trump is not history. Poor America.

So the last hope are the three dozen lawsuits against Trump in the next few months. Taking up his own slogan, the only thing left to say is: Lock him up! Lock him up!! Lock him up!!!


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