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Armed Logic

(Or: They just don’t get it.)

The endless story continues. Death revisited. Believe it or not, but Uvalde, TX is the 212th shooting spree in the USA this year alone! But that there might be some connection with weapons, is an idea as remote to Americans as Alpha Centauri.

Obviously everybody is dutifully shocked, as usual. As this “tragedy”, like all the others before, came completely unexpectedly. Like for the producers of the assault rifles Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 that were made use of in Uvalde, which can be acquired for a mere 1,870 $ with a security check that is hardly worth mentioning. CEOs were horror-struck learning that their product had been “criminally misused”.

I guess everybody understands their dismay, as such a combat-tested, aesthetic masterpiece has been produced solely as a piece of decoration hanging above American sofas. That anybody might come up with the idea of using it as a gadget to kill people – who on earth could have thought so? I mean, with the exception of all the other crazed ones with who especially this rifle is so popular, like in Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Orlando, Sutherland, Las Vegas und Parkland, where 191 people fell victim to this prime product and to the ideology of the NRA, the high priests of mass murder. Might one reason be toddlers being taught how to use DDM4 V7 in Daniel Defense’s ads, where it is also hailed for its reliability even “under the most adverse conditions”?

Ridiculous idea. Instead, at the current NRA Convention, which traditionally is held after the latest shooting spree, a man of abysmal intelligence and former golf-playing president is enthusiastically applauded for demanding schools to be turned into impenetrable fortresses with fences, walls and armoured doors. No, no, a bullet-proof school-bag is not sufficient these days. In the future we need heavily armed teachers of who we will not demand any educational skills at all. They merely must be able to fire a complete magazine right into the middle of the forehead of anybody they deem suspicious. Only then will nobody dare entering a school. After all, the suicidal attacker might be killed!

If only Trump, the NRA and its fanatics were a little more brainy, they would demand the same for kindergartens, hospitals, old people’s homes and abortion clinics in order to keep any product of American socialisation from finding new targets. Weapons, they say, are the best protection against weapons. Sure. If you are scared of cancer, you smoke five packs a day. And what is the best protection against venereal diseases? A dozen different playmates per day and no condoms. And if you do not want to die, you jump off the 50th floor without a parachute.

Sex education? Oh, my God! That’s blasphemy! It promotes vice and worse! You go to hell afterwards! Learning how to use an assault weapon, however, pleases God and the holy American Spirit. That is why you prefer the daily massacre to shrinking profits of gun-dealers or modernising the Constitution. That is why it is more important to ban CRT and Harry Potter and even Shakespeare (no satire but uneducated reality) from American High Schools rather than weapons.

After five months – F-I-V-E ! – this year already unimaginable 20,000 people were killed with guns. 130 each and every day! And you are proud of your country?  Why? Because those killers successfully defended themselves against their victims?

“No, not weapons are the problem. It’s the people”, is now being repeated like a mantra, as usual. But if so, dear NRA, dear governors and senators, Fox News hosts and all you gun-horny aficionados who believe that the right to be armed from tooth to toe is a human right superior to the right of staying alive – if that’s the way it is, then ask yourselves why no other country on earth produces as many mass-murderous madmen as the Goddamned States of America.


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