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There is nothing left to be said about Trump’s character. Everyone, except for his aficionados, has known it long ago. One of the most powerful men on earth is a colossal toddler that cannot get enough praise and therefore pampers himself; a man whose elixir of life is accommodating as many people as possible in the darkest part of his body. But downright flabbergasting is the number of people in the US who are so career-horny that they are willing to hand over brain and dignity at the White-House-door and do this dwarf of a character exactly this favour. Can they still look into a mirror and not run for a barf bag? Why so many average Americans still consider him eligible …, well, I have said enough about that (see e.g.: https://www.myview-wolfgangmebs.de/the-times-they-are-achanging/). Ignorance, hate and inferiority complexes never die out.

But those who believed that Trump would not be able to seriously damage American democracy (because the unfortunately mostly quiet majority is different) will have second thoughts coming now. We have known all along that Trump does not care about democracy, that he considers autocrats and dictators his only equals. At present, however, it is becoming more and more obvious that even the most pessimistic worries regarding his administration might become gruesome reality. In order to save his sinking ship of re-election he not only wants to make use of gerrymandering. This, you might say, is just common undemocratic practice. No, Trump puts all his eggs into the basket of violence. Like all megalomaniacs of his making he creates scenarios of scorched earth, of either ME or the Flood. “Who-cares-when-I’m-gone Trump” is ready to put a torch to the country, to instigate civil unrest that will lead to exactly those pictures of violence of a scale that at the moment he can only lie about. He provokes aggressive reactions to the banana-republic-like deployment of anonymous paramilitary forces against Democratic governors’ and their citizens’ will, knowing that aggression will lead to counter-aggression, in order to present himself as the only saviour against the chaos he set loose himself. Trump will stop at nothing.

To everybody with half a functioning brain and a little political education this is easy to see through. But the right-wing extremist, the really fascist (not what Trump falsely denotes as such) part of the American population rejoices, from Televangelists to Fox agitators to Breitbart Nazis who call on Americans to get armed (as if they weren’t already), because now the time has come for the final battle. There are thousands of vigilantes and hundreds of heavily armed militias spread all over the country that, undisturbed by local authorities, have been waiting for this moment for years, have declared often enough that they are prepared for the last battle in which they have to defend the real American values against blasphemous socialists, Communists and anarchists. What is to be feared is that in the apocalyptic mood stirred up by Trump they will turn words into action.

Get a taste from Breitbart News:

“The only people that think the President and this nation are a laughing stock are on the hard left. And those people are part of the problem. So excuse us as, once again, the United States of America saves western civilization.” Against who? “Degenerate socialists”, “criminal anarchists”, “gay blacks”, “drug-dealing Latinos”, “the America haters from BLM”, “Hillary Clinton”, “that man woman Michelle Obama”.

And how do they want to save America?

“If you want to convert this country into a socialist dystopia, you have two choices: leave to see if you can get a receptive audience in some third world country, or stay here and us patriots will bury you.”

“Those Americans who prefer Law & Order over Democrat anarchy will VOTE REPUBLICAN but be armed and ready to defend America.”

“We Americans are going to need to take action against those who think they can fundamentally change our nation. Exterminators are ready and willing to clean up our states.”

“[This is] emblematic of the insanity which has infected all who identify as Democrats and leftists. There is only one cure for all of you: extermination.”

And these are suggestions of how to deal with Black Lives Matter and demonstrators in general:

“The Federal cops should be arresting the traitors in local government who refuse to act against these anti-white communist anarchists.”

“The rioters should be shot! It’s the only way it’s going to stop!”

“Shoot first. Ask questions after.”

“I don’t want us to worry about who claims to be what after the shootings begin to take out the terrorists. What is important is that they are wiped off the surface of this planet. Most of the rioters surely were born addicted to drugs and alcohol as is obvious by their words and deeds. No loss. Their owners are psychopaths. No loss. We Americans have only gains in front of us once we cleanse this nation.”

This is the language of intolerance, this is the language of suppression and dictatorship, this is the language of fascism. It is Trump’s language too. He talks like their leader. And  the closer we get to election day, the more we will hear of it. We will see when the first take him by his words.


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